Write news about the Haven Convention 2017 with Pastor Chris

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is an original born Nigerian minister who has been spreading his great Christian faith to everyone worldwide. He has founded the Christ Embassy along with written many books and his many LoveWorld television programmings. He has traveled all over the world healing and helping people through his worship and making great changes to Christians everywhere. Chris Oyakhilome is a full-time dedicated philanthropist with a doctorate in Theology and Pneumatology, with also a degree in Architecture. He has been awarded numerous awards and mentions for his accomplishments through his work and his outstanding faith in God. Pastor Chris also helps in healing the sick and oppressed and also the poor in very low poverty leveled communities. He even has an actual active healing school to help those sick in different parts of the world. Not to mention his projects with helping orphaned children and organizations to save those across the world spiritually. Pastor Chris is followed by over 1.2 million people on social media and also from his LoveWorld television programs. He has had over 30 million Christian followers following his word over the past years of his coaching. He has also accumulated a net worth of over $50 million dollars from his outstanding career and success. His all-time latest success is the tv launch; the Haven Convention of 2017.

The Haven Convention of 2017 is a wonderful way to bring people together with praise and worship. It gives him the opportunity to allow his fellowship to expand to everyone far and near. Chris Oyakhilome has also has certified members attend this convention and it was a huge success for those around the world watching. Lots of the members came from the Christ Embassy in Lagos. Since his new Christian tv channel launch, it has been voted the most watched Christian television channel. Pastor Benny Hinn has also decided to partner with Oyakhilome to launch the new Haven Convention of 2017. Working with Benny Hinn, this will truly be a remarkable experience. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has been focused on his entire global ministry and healing works for over 30 years and he’s definitely not stopping there! The new Haven Convention has helped thousands of people heal both spiritually and mentally. With Pastor Chris’s already numerous successes, he is still dedicated to making this a 24-hour television channel broadcasted live and aired all across the United States. Oyakhilome has not only made one, two, or three worldwide satellite channels, but five! Yes, five channels! He is determined to make the Haven Convention another one! He would like to get to as much people as possible through his insightful and very powerful ceremonies. Pastor Chris believes in healing everyone even if it’s through television programming. His faith spreads everywhere and is always looking to help those in need!