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Dance, drama and music that are performed in front of many people or audiences are known to belong in performing arts. The Cornish Music Department offers a Bachelor of Music curriculum in jazz with programs of study in three focus areas: instrumental performance, vocal jazz, and composition. I take it from your post that you may not have actually taken a music class in high school.arts and music

This will provide you with a focused program of study that will develop your practical and theoretical skills and knowledge in one Faculty of Arts listed major area of study. This sequence of units will provide you with specialist skills to undertake a final examination either through performance with your chief instrument or voice, or through a folio of compositions, creative music technology media or written work.

Being involved in the arts for a significant part of each week also helps reduce delinquent behavior such as truancy. Students must have the approval of the music composition faculty to pursue this emphasis. It was formed by mixing American Country music with Irish influences, incorporating Irish folk music.

The act of playing music is one which involves the use of the vast majority of the brain. At my school we had one compulsory music subject in the first two years, and from there on out they were electives, or if you were really keen, you could get involved in the production for the year.arts and music

She is the faculty adviser to Composed: The Literary Journal of McNally Smith College of Music. Culture, Arts & Music was founded by Matt Potts, Christina Guerrero, and Anthony Jay Houston. Students in the Liberal Arts track will take a maximum of 47 semester hours in music, with the remaining courses selected from related arts fields, foreign languages and other areas of interest.arts and music