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The Beauty of Copenhagen and its Hotels One of the places you need to visit in your lifetime is Copenhagen. The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen is situated within these islands flanked by the Baltic Sea and North Sea. Warm and friendly people will greet you in Copenhagen even as you experience the wonderful natural beauty of this city. Your stay in Copenhagen will be very memorable because the people are so hospitable. There is a mesmerizing kind of allure that you will find in Copenhagen that will makes its memories worth preserving. Once only a small, quiet Viking fishing village, it has now become popular for its attractive sites. A number of interesting places to visit in Copenhagen are the Statue of Little Mermaid and the Tivoli Gardens. The Amalienborg Palace, the winter residence of the royal couple, is also a beautiful site to visit. Take home photographs of these spectacular places in Copenhagen. You may also find museums and galleries in Copenhagen interesting. There is also a Viking Ship Museum in Copenhagen, where real Viking Ships are on display.
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There are a lot of means you can travel in Copenhagen, but one of the most popular is biking. Bicycles are freely available for tourists in Copenhagen, because it is a bicycle friendly city. Touring the city on a bicycle is one of the wonderful experiences you can have in Copenhagen because it is easier to travel by bicycle than by any other means of transportation.
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You can have a lot of the night life staying in a hotel near Tivoli park, because there are rides and entertainment there, with gardens and fountains to see. You will find lots of people enjoying the evening in Copenhagen. There are organized concerts you can go to and weekly fireworks display to add some excitement to your evenings. And there is abundant food whenever you might think of having an evening snack. There are a lot of exciting places you can go to shop in Copenhagen if you love shopping. The Royal palace is a place you can go to as well as some more stunning places to shop. Hotels in Copenhagen offer warm and friendly service as well as commodious and amazing rooms, at affordable prices. There are big hotels and small hotels. You can also choose between luxury hotels and budget hotels, depending on how much you want to spend. Centuries-old hotels are sometimes fitted with modern day interiors and amenities like mini-bars and spas. These are complete with antique furnishings, and brass and marble backdrops. If you compare the price difference between the hotels in Copenhagen, luxury hotels are about six times more expensive than budget hotels. In terms of dollars, if a budget hotel costs about thirty to forty dollars, a luxury hotel will cost you around two hundred dollars. But if you search for hotel rates in advance before booking, you can actually save some money.