What Is Arts In Health?

This will follow on from last years North West Frontier, where health professionals, artists and other actors from the field fed into the start of a regional/sub-regional conversation around inequalities, the arts, health and well-being. The whole weekend was a huge success and raised a lot of awareness for Art in Healthcare. It follows composer Ian Wilson’s collaboration with the National Centre for Arts & Health as he creates a work of art inspired by Parkinson’s Disease. In 2008 he was referred to a respected national health institution for an ‘innovative’ new elbow replacement implanted by the surgeon that designed the device.arts and health

The role of the arts as a public health resource is beginning to be more widely understood (Clift, 2012). They will seed-fund the best arts and health proof of concept ideas that emerge. In a different type of movement expression, tai chi, a semimeditative exercise derived from martial arts, has been gaining popularity as an intervention for reducing falls in older adults and improving health status.arts and health

Medical training and Medical Humanities: For hundreds of years, the arts have played a part in developing the practice of medicine and the understanding of wellbeing. The Austin Hope and Pilkington Trust has grants available for projects that relate to music and the arts.

In addition, the three hospital foundations (the Adelaide Health Foundation, the Meath Foundation and the National Children’s Hospital Foundation) have been very supportive of a wide range of arts and health projects. You are welcome with qualifications in subjects across the arts and health but are required to demonstrate commitment to arts-health.arts and health

Use of the arts in healing does not contradict the medical view in bringing emotional, somatic, artistic, and spiritual dimensions to learning. We invite you to explore the website and resources to learn about the ever-growing interest in the healing power of the arts in our community.