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Definition between Web Design and Web Development Web design refers to the practice of transforming stories or ideas into visually appealing designs employing layouts to create a users’ experience over an entire web site. A web designer is in charge of the web design process. Web designers design a website’s look and feel. Similar to architects, web designers provide a developer with the layout of the intended website. Designers employ various tools in the design process to achieve the interaction needs of a website that facilitate a user’s experience. These tools allow designers to create a model of the website that implements various user interaction needs. By relying on a website’s design scope, the designer achieves its goal and purpose. The design process requires visualization of a site’s visual layout followed by graphical sketches. Designers crystallize their design ideas by producing prototypes representing a website’s features. Various web design components are employed to define a site’s layout such as icons, navigation structure, and font types. Good web design requires a profound understanding of web usability and user friendliness.
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Web development is the process of turning a design into a live website. Web developers utilize different programming languages and web design tools to develop the final website. There are three categories of web developers inclusive of full stack developers, backend developers, and frontend developers. The link between backend developers, and web designers is compartmentalized by frontend developers. Frontend developers are responsible for creating the user interface that governs how user’s interface with a website’s functionality. Cascading Style Sheets, Hypertext Markup, and JavaScript languages are used to define the layout of the frontend’s interface. These languages allow the frontend developer to specify a site’s layout, images, animations, font types, navigation, and data entry forms. Data processing features of a website are implemented in the backend development process. Enabling a website’s data processing features requires the implementation of a data processing backend. Functions handled by a backend include facilitating user account creation, data storage, and editing of blog posts. Backends enable a website’s data saving functionality for future reference, processing, or access. To enable data processing features on the website, developers rely on programming languages such as PHP or ASP.NET to program a website’s backend. Enabling the writing and access to data values to and from a database, backend developers use data manipulation languages such as MySQL or SQL. Full Stack Developers Full stack developers are developers who have comprehensive understanding of web designing and web development. Full stack developers can singlehandedly build entire websites. Developers in this category handle all frontend, backend, and other design specifications for sites. A website’s lifecycle depends on the symbiotic relationship between developers and designers. Websites cannot exist without the one or the other. Despite being closely related, they are different fields of practice. Both fields are complementary.