Elicia is happy to be able to talk about her diverse group of students at Lakeview Elementary School. It’s been almost a year since the Canada Council for the Arts released its first open data to the public and we’ve had an enthusiastic response from the community. The state arts agencies and regional arts organizations are the NEA’s primary partners in serving the American people through the arts.arts & sciencearts & science

OM Arts International , a ministry of Operation Mobilization (OM), organized an evangelistic outreach this summer in Belgium using art to connect with the local community. To express this, I once witnessed a fight between a black belt in one of the Asian martial arts (I can’t remember which), who got in a fight with a skinny, middle aged guy with street savvy.

Perhaps he got the idea from Arts Council England North East’s communications team, as they’ve just conducted a similar experiment, which is documented in the video above. They acquire knowledge, skills and understanding specific to The Arts subjects and develop critical understanding that informs decision-making and aesthetic choices.

Now, first of all, I want to reiterate what a wonderful thing I believe it to be that his kids popped for the trip for the family to take that marvelous vacation. I’m Mark Robinson and I used to work for Arts Council England , as Executive Director, North East, until March 2010.

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