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The Arts in most, if not all, cultures are integral to life: function, creation and learning are intertwined. The state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education will be reviewing its accountability standards beginning in January before submitting its Every Student Succeeds Act plan to the US Department of Education in April. As one of Australia’s most international universities, UNSW offers you the opportunity to spend a session or two overseas studying at one of our partner institutions as part of your Education degree.

In the 1960s 5 Levels including English and Maths were the passport to jobs in banks and entry to 6th Forms. Integrating arts modalities into the academic curriculum is as important a priority as any issue facing American education. The work takes leadership, innovation, broad partnerships, and a dogged insistence that the arts are central to what we want students to learn.arts to educationarts to education

Educational collaboration between artistic disciplines is a great way for young artists to learn while they create. Another quarter of alumni advocate for the arts within schools as teachers, administrators, and curriculum developers. Research on multi-arts education has not clearly demonstrated a causal impact on student creativity and problem solving.

For both the student and the teacher, the arts offer the opportunity to reflect on both content and process, and play an integral role in joining fact and meaning in a person’s education. My theatre arts classes allow further exploration through the participation in improvisational theater, pantomime, characterization, musical theater, and oral interpretation.

In the final two years of your Arts and Education program, you will develop skills in classroom competence and spend up to 80 days in supervised teaching in at least three different secondary school contexts. Hence, I’m an avid supporter of the arts and strongly encourage students to pursue their interests and never allow society to restrain their true leaning/potential.arts to education