Norwalk Arts & Sports Complex

Enter your name, occupation/organization and email below to receive regular updates about DASH BC, our activities and upcoming healthy schools news and events. Other states, cities, and communities continue to limit or eliminate the arts in school systems. I have been training in the Martial Arts since 1984 and have owned Martial Arts schools since 1995. The degree is designed to give art students flexibility in constructing their program by allowing them to choose one or different concentrations — studio arts, art therapy, digital arts or fashion.

Comberton Sports & Arts promotes and hosts a varied line up of music, comedy, dance, concerts, community theatrical productions, conferences and exhibition events throughout the year. Citing the perception that the arts are for high society” and sports are for the masses” also distorts reality.sports and artssports and artssports and arts

From my seat in front of the television set, the Summer Games will look more like a competition between Nike and Adidas than between the countries represented. State and independent schools are calling for the urgent introduction of a needs-based funding system.

There is already too much public money subsidizing arts and we shouldn’t be wasting it on arts education as well. On the other hand, some schools practice the finer points of the art, but seldom go full speed. The arts can survive and even thrive in spite of narrow-minded legislators and budget cuts.

Hence, school authorities should ensure that sufficient time is given to sport, arts and related activities, in spite of the pressure from new subjects. For more information about our winter and summer sports and activities, download our dedicated brochures Of course, we are available for answering questions if you need further specifications.