Music Lessons For All Instruments, Ages, And Skill

The faculty of the Department of Art and Music at Framingham State University facilitate a collaborative, innovative and interdisciplinary learning environment which focuses on academic excellence in the areas of visual art, art history, art education, music history and music theory. The Bachelor of Arts degree awarded by the HEM is a broad-spectrum qualification and is required in order to take a Master of Arts degree, which offers specialisation and professional qualification. In the Foundation Year, students undertake The Arts appropriate for their level of development.

As most of you who exhibit at arts festivals and craft shows know, you really can’t predict how it will go. You can only hope for the best! Facilities – Many music teachers are restricted to a cart for music instruction. Although our programs of study are firmly rooted in jazz, we embrace all music – from Count Basie to Chick Corea, be-bop to J.S Bach, New Orleans jazz to acid jazz, rock and original music to electronic music.

While the arts in the local community should be the initial focus for learning, students are also aware of and interested in the arts from more distant locations and the curriculum provides opportunities to build on this curiosity. Learn more about the UNCSA School of Music through these features and news stories.arts and musicarts and music

As percussionists, Potts and Houston both work closely with area schools as drum line and percussion instructors and are often sought as adjudicators for music competitions. Access the educator portal to easily shop for the right instruments, accessories, and music books for your class.arts and music

Twelve units of complementary studies are required of all candidates for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Music. BACHELOR OF ARTS IN EDUCATION (BAE) Note: see Education, for prerequisites, core requirements and additional SLOs. I believe that music should be a fundamental part of education and should be integrated into teaching things like math, science,language arts, and all other topics.