Managing The Art Classroom

March is National Arts Education Month, and with today’s blog, we are highlighting the work of Project Create , a community-based nonprofit that promotes creative youth development through accessible arts education for children, youth and families experiencing homelessness and poverty in Washington, D.C. Supporting and developing the arts teaching workforce of classroom teachers, teaching artists, and arts education leaders. You are encouraging people for going into education sector by giving a new way of understanding education. To change it, requires not only a change in the education system, but also a change in the mindset of the students, parents (and even grand parents).

Teachers can browse the Visiting Performer Roster to find and book a qualified performing artist for their school. Literature students in the Arts Education Program can choose to concentrate on elementary school teaching or secondary school teaching in Literature.arts to education

Choice-based art education is a nationally recognized grassroots approach to art education. Show the students an educational video on concept mapping (there should be plenty on the web). I hope that the information that is provided on this blog well motivate you my viewers to to have a grater appreciation for the Visual Arts.

Still, the creators of the law underestimated the extent to which districts would treat arts courses as a frill or, worse yet, a distraction from reading and math. A passion for issues of equity and social justice is a hallmark of HGSE and is shared by students in AIE, where we explore the particular ways in which the arts can help help address these issues.

Arts-ED provides non-formal arts and culture education programs for young people, conducts research-type service in cultural mapping and community consultation, produces cultural events and publishes culture-related educational materials. Garber points out several areas in which women have made progress toward educational equality.arts to educationarts to education