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Nearing the end of the war, a gift of peace was given to the world that looked like nothing more than a giant toy drum on its side wrapped in a tangle of strings. The Arts Programme has seen patients and hospital staff collaborate with major cultural and artistic Irish institutions such as the Irish Chamber Orchestra, the National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland, the National Gallery of Ireland and the Museum of Modern Art, to name but a few.

This message from Le Petit Journal has been retweeted across the world following the Paris terrorist attacks, and there is a reason why it moves us. It echoes a poster message once displayed in the Chartres Cathedral: Violence destroys, but only love creates life.” It is a fitting response of a nation that has been the creative crucible for much of Western civilization.

The field has become an inter- and multi-disciplinary arena for those concerned with research, policy and practice initiatives, including artists, health care professionals, community workers, and researchers in the public, private and voluntary sectors.arts and health

The survey is collecting details of recent, current and future arts and health projects, including those using the arts to deliver health and wellbeing outcomes for participants, and capital projects that engage artists to improve the physical environment of healthcare settings.arts and health

The majority of those consulted added strength to the model by sharing work experiences where their arts work in healthcare was confused for something else by clinical staff or where they felt aspects of arts practice were neglected (for example noise pollution or interior design considerations in hospitals).arts and health