Institute For Arts In Health

Arts for Health at Manchester Metropolitan University is the UK’s longest established arts and health organisation. It has been developed to enhance the profile of arts and health in Australia and to promote greater integration of the arts and health practice and approaches into health services, settings and facilities. We also recognize that our sample of studies is not exhaustive, and other research has been added to the literature since our review was conducted.arts and healtharts and healtharts and health

Monthly screenings of popular and classic films run in association with Lighthouse, Poole’s Centre for the arts. The more we understand the relationship between creative expression and healing, the more we will discover the healing power of the arts. It is proposed that the current commonly held assumptions surrounding definitions of arts and health and arts therapies are unhelpful and problematic and should be refined.

The Centre is committed to researching the potential value of music, and other arts, in the promotion of wellbeing and health of individuals and communities. We conducted a review of current research to determine what is known about art and healing. In my view, how we regard the arts says a great deal about how we value and regard one another across our various neighborhoods in cities like Dallas.

The Cultural Institute and Breathe Arts Health Research are launching a new programme which will explore how the arts can enhance health and wellbeing in clinical and care settings. Take part in a series of weekly arts workshops run by an experienced artist in relaxing surroundings.

These particular studies also integrate basic health sciences like anatomy, physiology, and pathology; as well as CPR and first aid. We feel we’re getting to the bottom of exactly how and why the arts can be so beneficial for health and the role that both primary care and artists can play in this, coming at it from two completely different contexts but with one unifying goal.