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What to Do Immediately a Car Accident Occurs Personal injury law handles cases involving personal injury or accidents,their remedies and the defenses thereof. The law of tort is another phrase used to refer to Personal injury law. Mishaps are quite common in life,but that realization does not make them any less severe. You may decide to take the required steps to protect your rights under the law,such as filing a lawsuit against the person through whom the injury situation arose. It is important to remember that personal injury cases are not criminal cases. In a criminal suit,t the initiator of the case is the government while in a civil litigation,the party who initiates the law suit is the injured party. Suppose you find yourself in a situation where you are injured in a Washington car accident that happened because another person drove their car carelessly. In such a case,it is best to call up your Washington based personal injury lawyer for advise on the next cause of action. In cases that involve personal injury,the plaintiff needs to show or prove that they have suffered harm as a result of the negligence or carelessness of another(the defendant).
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At other times,parties can decide that they really are not interested in a formal civil court case,and instead,resort to an early settlement process with the advice of their insurers and lawyers. This is also referred to as negotiation,where the parties to a civil law suit agree in writing that the party in the wrong pays a specified amount of money and that after that,neither of the parties will continue with the lawsuit.
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Statute of limitations is a term that you may want to clearly understand. This is a window period within which an aggrieved party is supposed to have filed their suit. The statute of limitation is set by state law,and could be different in different states. The statutes of limitations also apply differently to different injuries. For example,you need two years in Texas state to have reported filed a personal injury case,while sex crimes can still be reported after 5 years. The decisions of judges in making rulings pertaining to civil law suits in the past(precedents) and treatises written by law scholars are majorly the sources of law for depended upon by magistrates and judges in deciding similar cases. Every personal injury case needs a comprehensive understanding of the facts,court processes and the applicable law before it can be filed. If you find yourself involved in a car accident in populous Pierce or King county,you can contact any good Pierce or King county lawyer or you can make a decision to have a Washington car accident lawyer handle your case.