Honours Arts & Business (Regular

This event is designed specifically for artists who want to succeed on a professional level. The arts do not address critical immediate needs like hunger, homeless, poverty or illiteracy. In the Virtual Enterprise program, students take classes in computer applications and business management, and spend their senior year running a mock silver and gold trading company.arts and business

So the arts and culture create jobs, attract visitors to a community, and generate spending that flows into household incomes and tax coffers. EINFO is a guide to Ontario universities for Ontario high school students and guidance counsellors. Michael Rose , CEO and chairman of Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust believes that exposure to the arts is one way to do this.

So,remember,references and models can be some good guidance to succeed in any online business. Most of the ‘business’ courses already exist somewhere in other Arts majors and are cross-listed with the Arts & Business title and business is slapped on. I found that only Accounting was useful to me (but I was only in Arts & Business for a year).arts and business

The only reason why I’d consider going to Loo for Fine Arts or any program is because of the business aspect, I feel like since business is an aspect of all fields – it would allow me to sell myself better, especially in a major like Fine Arts. Learn the power of leveraging your work through repeat orders with galleries and retailers, what buyers want, and how to build a business using the wholesale model.

And having art pieces around them and in the office can spark those creative inspirations, thus aiding the business. She also worked as an assistant to papermaker Mary Hark through the Design Studies program in the School of Human Ecology. I got in for Arts and Business CO-OP, and I am planning on majoring in English and French, plus completing the required credits for International Trade/Human Resources Management.arts and business