Hoboken Spring Arts & Music Festival

Armstrong’s Bachelor of Arts in Music provides students with a strong foundation in music, combined with a broad liberal arts core curriculum. Also sharing top billing are local mainstays, The Alpaca Gnomes and Bella’s Bartok, both returning to this year’s festival. This concentration requires additional music history courses, foreign language study and includes theory, analysis, and counterpoint. But don’t forget Schubert, Vivaldi, Brahms, Mahler, Bruckner, Debussy, and on and on and on. Such great music that never gets old for me!

Fine Arts areas outside of the School of Music such as: Art History, Theatre & Dance, Art & Entertainment Technologies, and Arts Management and Administration (F A). Aesthetically pleasing and acoustically sound, the Fine Arts Auditorium is a sought-after concert venue for on-campus and off-campus performers alike.

Music 252, Current Issues Colloquium during each quarter in residence (for students entering the program fall 2007 and thereafter). The Arts (Music) MRes will encourage you to develop research skills whilst undertaking a major research project. It is also a place where the students of all ages can learn KEY BOARD, GUITAR, ARTS & CRAFTS.arts and music

If we include pure rhythm and pulse as examples of music, and I think we should, then a snippet of Morse Code is every bit as valid (as music) as composer Elliott Carter’s ‘Eight Pieces for Four Timpani’. The Culture, Arts & Music philosophy is to blend education with entertainment, providing people of all ages with fun opportunities to soak up the unique styles, flavors, and heritages of the world.arts and music

Music making in hospital provides opportunities for communication and interaction, placing patients at the heart of an individualised creative experience. In addition to engaging the local community, CAM aims to work with youth to pick up where many schools leave off by designing immersive activities.arts and music