Hoboken Arts & Music Festival 2017

The Lower Town Arts & Music Festival (LTAMF) is a premier two-day celebration of art, music, food, beer and wine from the surrounding regional area of Paducah, Kentucky. Janis Weller serves as the associate dean of assessment and accreditation and heads the Liberal Arts Department of McNally Smith College of Music, in St. Paul, Minnesota, where she also teaches the capstone course, Creating a Life in Music, and woodwinds.

Sound x Vision – Co-presented by the Hawaii Academy of Recording Artists (HARA), the 4th annual Sound x Vision featured a number of panel discussions with internationally renowned music composers who shared their compelling experiences and knowledge in the areas of film composition, marketing, and performance rights.arts and music

Beyond membership in large and small performance ensembles, Armstrong music students have the opportunity to develop long-term collaborative and networking partnerships with peers through membership in Armstrong’s student chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia music honorary.

Culture, Arts & Music was founded with a deep understanding that diversity makes the world the beautiful tapestry that it is. Learning about other cultures is not only enriching, but it is also vital in an increasingly global society where people of all nations must work together to solve pressing challenges.arts and musicarts and music

Music Ensembles Requirements (12 credits minimum) MUSE 320 Marching Band (1) MUSE 321 Wind Ensemble (1) MUSE 322 Symphonic Band (1) MUSE 330 Orchestra (1) MUSE 340 Symphonic Choir (1) MUSE 341 Concert Choir (1) Note: String, wind and percussion majors in music education shall participate in one quarter of a major vocal ensemble.