Finding a Happy place

In our modern deeply hectic lives it is wise to consider the free and therapeutic qualities of nature. As we become an increasingly urban society it’s a good idea to stop and pause the glories of the natural world and remind ourselves that at are core we our humans. We are not truly built for the concrete jungles that we have encased ourselves in and we would do well to remember that once we worked and roamed in the fields and the wilderness of the countryside.

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Mentally picturing a place or space can be beneficial for you as noted in the article on  It does not need to be a green and pleasant land necessarily. There are more than enough landscapes to focus on. Perhaps you feel more akin to a towering mountain range, capped in snow and ice the strong wind upon your face? Maybe you would prefer a calm placid lake? The morning mist slowly forming on its centre and creeping its gentle way to the stony shore. Rather you could suit a desert scene? The warmth of the shifting sands drifting high in the hot Saharan breeze or perhaps a rugged seascape with the waves breaking upon a paradise shore or consider a wild Highland moor with its colour and the smell of heather a pine wood perched in the centre proud and defiant to the elements. Alternatively, you could return to that green and pleasant land of the ragged hedgerow and the might Oak and beech wood where the patchwork landscape seems to flow forever into the distance.

It doesn’t even need to be a memory that you have but just an image that you can use to conjure up the feelings of peace and tranquillity. It is not also an easy thing to do to place yourself in such and situation. Therefore, it can be very useful to have an image that is especially created and maintained for yourself. This could be on a phone, but a good idea is to have it in a room in your house or flat that you frequent regularly.  Maybe you already have this image and would like to make it a centre piece in your home? Perhaps you need to browse through photos that others have taken to find that special place and then turn this into a fully picture that can really provide the focus for a wall as a frame or a poster. Place that you can come and lose yourself in and enter that happy nature place that you’ve been seeking. This is your moment kept in time and naturally you will want to preserve this picture so that it can last for a long time for you to use and admire.

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Once you have your “happy place” etched in your mind, you may also wish to have a print created. For this you can give a company like Giclee Printing Services a call or visit and see if they can bring your image to life.