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The Arts and Education Council builds appreciation, participation and support for arts and arts education through the St. Louis community. I’ve been researching the history through the Art Academy blog and I’ve been in contact with the founder members to ask them what effect their experience of the Academy has had on their present careers, which I will talk about when I get to legacy. Classes are held during the day or evenings so that the opportunity to learn the culinary arts is within everyone’s grasp.arts and education

The popular Twitter chat on arts education returns Tuesday, June 13, on the topic of museum education. Created by the state legislature in 1985 the center proudly serves the state by teaching in and through the arts. It offers a very thorough culinary education to all its students, with courses in culinary, pastry arts, and hospitality management.

In fact, the whole notion of public education pretty much has its roots in America, and it is responsible for making it as prosperous as it is now. Research has also shown impressive benefits of arts education on entire school culture—especially student motivation, attitudes, and attendance.

Mann’s life story cannot be told here, but suffice to state that if he had not acted with energetic, single-minded dedication to what he believed was necessary, Massachusetts would not have passed the first compulsory education laws in 1852. There are even some instances when the classes take place at hotels, students unions, restaurants, inn, student housing and the school’s Learning Resource Center which covers a computer lab, library and a gallery of delicious, edible art.arts and education

Right now we really need the arts to remind us of our shared humanity and to give us hope. Some are experienced educators who want to incorporate the arts more effectively into their students’ learning experiences. Whether you live in an urban setting or a rural setting, arts education is vital to developing the next generation of American innovators.arts and education