Choosing The Best Among The Rest

The culinary school provides several international recipe programs for the students. Name-dropping should not eclipse the achievements of the many young people who leave school each year to carry on into their manifold professional fields the spirit of exploration they have come to cherish at the Royal Academy. The location of the school might also be a very important consideration for of arts

This school has 4 Program subject expertise, including Information Processing (4 classes), Office Automation (2 Classes) and Visual Communication (2). Because of Soke Hausel’s background, one will learn a variety of martial arts that are all part of the Seiyo No Shorin-Ryu Karate Kobudo Kai of artsschool of arts

I’ll have draw slips at both schools this week and if you have given back to our school please pop by to fill them out. Visit our traditional martial arts school on the corner of Baseline with MacDonald and experience the difference of traditional martial arts.

The unique atmosphere of the school is well know and appreciated by the students and staff. The school combines a high-density, inner-city school with a professional performing arts venue. Young artists, actors, and musicians will share what they have been working on in their after school arts classes.

One of our students, Ryan Nemec was also awarded Male Martial Arts Student of the Year – a great honor for any student. And we were very excited to see our Arizona Martial Arts blog was selected for international distinction and presented the KARATE AWARD.