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It would seem there is a list somewhere that has departments that don’t graduate enough majors or are redundant to the region. Founded in the 19th and early 20th centuries, the 6 colleges that make up the university have international reputations in a range of creative fields. The students had learned more from this lesson because they were able to use all styles of learning and were taught from an angle which is rarely used, through the arts.

A university with solid and equitable finances benefits everyone, including and especially the students. We believe that successful leaders are adaptive, resourceful, strategic, and connected, and our arts administration programs build those capacities in of arts

Due to copy right restrictions the Arts Council England films can only be streamed to domain addresses. The following estimates indicate a rough average of total tuition costs per semester. A measure of the proportion of staff involved in high-quality research in the of arts

Find out what it’s really like to study for a doctorate at the University of Auckland! All students are members of our Arts Administration Graduate Association (AAGA) , an organization that complements your classroom experiences through coordinating social and professional events for the arts administration of arts

If we can add to that a capacity to work across disciplines with visual materials from other fields, college and university art museums can play a central role in meeting one of the most dynamic challenges confronting the academy today. It also allows a great degree of flexibility in its course curricula so that students with children and working students can study comfortably at the University.