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Get the facts about the benefits of arts learning for students and teachers. Formerly a tenured ASD art teacher, I’ve been a dedicated ASD substitute teacher for the past 4 years, including two long-term assignments as an ASD elementary art teacher, and I started a 3rd long-term assignment as an ASD elementary art teacher at the end of this past school year.

These studies develop the knowledge and skills you will need to become a skilled and effective educator who is able to draw on an ever-growing and flexible repertoire of strategies to suit particular children, educational contexts and learning outcomes.

In the AIE Program, you will join a diverse cohort of visual artists, musicians, museum educators, nonprofit arts advocates, actors, teachers, and writers who believe that the arts not only have intrinsic societal value, but also multiple roles in youth education and healthy development.arts to education

Let Arizona Citizens for the Arts know which hearing you can attend by emailing [email protected] , including your name, your association with arts education (teacher, administrator, nonprofit teaching professional working in schools or with young people, parent, student, etc.) If you need additional information, you may also contact us.arts to education

Many students in Malaysia who are not interested in the subjects that are taught in the Science stream after Form 3 may be compelled either by peer pressure or by their parents to choose that default option even though they might be interested in pursuing more subjects in the Arts stream.arts to education