Arts, Disability, And Learning

Join educators, artists, and teaching artists from around the world for deep explorations of how the arts can spark a passion for learning. A huge thank you to everyone for supporting our membership drive and raffle at the Shopping Centre on Saturday 30th January. Douglas (2009) points out that in a choice-based art class, students develop and expand learning and innovation skills, technology skills, and life and career skills, which are key skills according to Partnership for 21st Century Skills (2009).arts and learning

The archive is an invaluable primary research resource for a wide range of scholars in arts and humanities. Researchers also observed that students were more engaged and were able to sustain periods of high focus and high engagement for longer periods of time during arts activities than in their home classrooms.

Now main benefit to working off of a martial arts video is that you can stop, pause, play and rewind. I think not as we all know that the martial arts are about so much more than just the belt one wears. The learner is assigned a supervisor and is supported by a suite of online learning resources in research methods.arts and learning

We covered pine cones in peanut butter and seeds so that the birds in our backyards would have plenty to eat too, learning about taking care of the environment in a very hands-on, and sticky way. Five winners were chosen and awarded $1000 each toward Arts for Learning programming for the fall semester.

Todd Elkin is an artist and arts educator currently living in Oakland, California. All of the staff and volunteers got together for a breakfast meeting to talk about the conservatory and our future plans. Visit the Arts Education Program’s Eventbrite page to view and register for upcoming professional development workshops for teachers.arts and learning