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Archives play an integral role in daily life, yet they often remain obscured or overlooked. After arts workshops, they quickly transitioned into their Creative Expression groups, led by three amazing CE teachers. Arts Wisconsin relies on you, our supporters, to do our groundbreaking advocacy, service and development work to keep the arts and creativity growing in Wisconsin.

The time has come to train unique arts activists — capable of activating critical and creative dialogue between art and the world, and committed to reshaping how art is produced, perceived and received. Joy and Heidi take credit for the vision and the district carpenters came out and installed them.arts & culture

The Arts Centre utilizes performances, exhibitions and public education to present and interpret the ongoing synthesis of contemporary American and Asian art forms. One of the best parts of Arts on Prescription is getting to try new things, new techniques and learning how to be more creative.arts & culture

When you give $60 or more, we’ll thank you with an Arts Card—which provides 2-for-1 tickets to hundreds of arts & culture events. Opinion has been split on whether I should keep the Arts Counselling name for future blogging. If you have a couple of weeks free in December, why not pray about joining us to experience the Belgium culture and create some inspired artwork to exhibit at a Christmas market.

A martial arts program certainly has the potential to be a fantastic complete training program, as it includes stretching, strength training, aerobic and anaerobic exercise, and requires a kind of mental focus that is like a moving meditation. The OM Arts team focused on that, producing 40 pieces of artwork that captured her story, and called the Aquilinos to examine their hearts.arts & culture