Alliance Arts For Learning Institute

Did you know that students who participate in the arts – music, drama, voice, and visual arts such as painting or sculpture, are a step ahead of their peers who do not? One of the most important lessons that a child will take away from martial arts is self-confidence. It started as an instrumental music conservatory that featured summer camps and other programs on the campus. PAL is a complete Language Arts program ‘in a box’ – includes phonics, writing, reading, narration, journaling, memorization, and even adds grammar.arts and learning

Apparently they are too pretentious to allow a child with an extreme love of the arts to be a part of their program because he is too energetic. In an increasingly fragmented school system, there is an appetite for collaboration between teachers and arts organisations to improve their practice and the impact for young people.arts and learning

The discipline of understanding how to take an idea from its inception through the process of experimentation and refinement and into a final satisfying visual product is itself a worthwhile learning experience. Martial arts also teach children the notion of respect – and you will notice this especially with over active children.arts and learning

Learning through the arts can engage and inspire young people, support key educational outcomes and develop skills that prepare young people for life beyond school. They have been helping teach Math and Language Arts and it has been such an incredible blessing as I try to keep up with home educating five children with two toddlers.

A distinguished pedagogue, consultant, and master teacher, Borchelt has taught and lectured internationally and at many summer dance workshops as well as presenting scholarly research on dance education. Fourth graders are learning to use their bodies and giant rubber bands to represent the concept of geometric transformation.