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Why Marriage Counseling Is The Right Step I have come across so many people who most of the times question the effectiveness of marriage counseling. There is no one answer for this question. Marriage counseling has been useful to some people by helping them solve underlying issues in their marriage. There have however been some individuals who have had a negative experience with marriage counseling as it made the situation in their marriage worse. There are very many different variables when it comes to finding out if marriage counseling will be a good option for a troubled couple. For marriage counseling to work, both the husband and the wife need to agree to go through the marriage counseling process with a positive attitude. It is common in a marriage counseling session to find a wife that is eager to go through the counseling in order to save the relationship and marriage while on the other hand, the husband has little to no interest in the marriage counseling sessions. These conditions and circumstances make it very hard for marriage counselling to work and benefit the couple positively. For a marriage to work, both the husband and the wife need to put in effort in the relationship. Another consideration to have in mind when wondering whether or not marriage counseling will work it the current condition of the marriage. Are the husband and the wife working on their own to try and improve their current situation in the marriage? Do both the husband and the wife still love and respect one another even though they have issues in their marriage? Can it be that one or both of the parties have already given up completely on the marriage? Most doomed marriages have signs that show that they cannot be fixed even with the help of marriage counseling such as both the parties not being in love anymore, not wanting to fix underlying issues in the marriage, and having a need to revenge.
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Those couples that find marriage counseling a success are those that go into into it with a very positive mindset focused on finding solutions to the problems in their marriage and are also willing to follow the advice of the marriage counselors. Those that can realize early in the marriage that there are problems and try to seek help such as marriage counseling also make their marriages work. Love and respect between the married couple may also greatly aid in the success of marriage counseling. Research and studies done in the past have also proven that counseling may not always work and that some situations and groups work well with counseling than others.
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There has been studies that have been done that prove that young couples that have been married for a short time often find marriage counseling advantageous. Older couples find it very difficult to change bad habits in their marriage as opposed to younger couples.