22 Lessons Learned: Clubs

How to Get a Terrific Clubbing Experience

Clubbing is the act of visiting nightclubs. Plenty of people Love clubbing regardless of their age, gender, or sexuality. Clubbing gives people a chance to let loose and have a great time by having alcoholic beverages while listening and dancing to their favorite music. It also helps people make new friends and sometimes even meet their life partners. In big cities, there are a variety of clubs to choose from. Even though most people have a wonderful time in clubs, some may have terrible experiences which may even make them quit clubbing. Below are a few tips to ensure you receive a great clubbing experience everywhere.

First, you need to make sure you look good. Looking great does not always mean sporting the trending clothing or having the coolest haircuts. You have to consider your age before choosing clothes to wear. For example sporting a cap sideways might be trending but if you are 40 years old it will appear improper. You also need to be in the right company. When flying solo pick a club that has people you can relate with and make friends quickly. When going with friends pick people you can have fun with.

The next thing you will need to do is pick the right club. Most cities have many different nightclubs based on variables such as the sort of music played, the noise level, the type of crowd that goes there among other variables. It is important to explore a number of different clubs especially when clubbing in an unfamiliar location in order to pick the club that suits you the most in terms of age, sexuality, among other factors. For example visiting a gay bar if you are straight will most likely be less fun than going to a heterosexual nightclub.

When you get to the club, find a nice spot to sit. When going with many friends it’s a good idea to reserve a good sitting position since most great clubs are often at full capacity especially during weekends. For people that need to smoke some clubs provide special sitting areas like balconies. The key thing is to select a place that’s comfortable, secure and lets you enjoy yourself to the max. If you find that the club is full you can ask the staff to find you a spot or find another club which can satisfy your needs.

Finally, you’ll have to select the right beverage. People have distinct tastes. A good club will have many different alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks like whisky, rum, cocktails, fruit juices, energy drinks among others. Pick a drink that you are familiar with and whose contents are harmless to you. Know your alcohol limit and keep your drinking below that limit.